Warning of rubber shingles disease on the rainy season


Strep ulcers at the surface of the rubber tapping caused by Phytophthora palmivora and Phytophthora botryosa, Fusarium rotifer (Fusarium), caused by Fusarium equiseti, are two common diseases. at the rubber plantation in the rainy season. It destroys the shaved area and develops on the regenerated shaving surface as well as the primary shell, resulting in loss of shaved area and difficulty in later shaving.

Ulceration of the face shaved.

Currently, the main rubber plantation of the Group has officially entered the rainy season is the season with many diseases attacking rubber trees because the weather conditions (moisture, temperature) is very favorable for many species. fungal pathogens arise. Fusarium shavings and Fusarium rot disease are two of the most debilitating diseases that have started to appear in some orchards.

Before the situation on VRG has written official request companies to perform the following tasks:

1. Regularly check the orchard, to detect early and timely prevention and treatment to reduce damage and limit the spread.

2. Prevention treatment for each specific disease shall be conducted as follows:

+ Ulcer disease: According to Article 176 of the Technical Regulation for Rubber Plants 2012 and Article 33 “Additional Technique Adjustment 2017”:

– Do not shave while the shaving face is wet and shaved; Properly cut and weed control; Rainy raffia and ulceration of the shaved face should reduce shaving or shaving time during rainy weather; Use rain cover or rain cover.

Warning of rainy season rubber shingles

Fusarium rot disease

– Apply topical shampoos every 10 days, times: 3 times. Use of LSMC 99 or metalaxyl + mancozeb (Ridomil Gold 68WG, Mexyl MZ – 72) concentration 2% combined with BDNH 2000 1% concentration; 1 to 1.5 cm wide bandage on the shaved mouth after collection.

– Apply once a month in rainy season in areas with high risk, susceptible varieties or when the orchard leaves the rainy season.

+ Fusarium rot disease: applied under Article 35 of the “Additional Technical Regulation 2017”:

– Stop the diseased plants, proceed with treatment with LSMC 99; Metalaxyl (Vilaxyl 35WP …) concentration 1% or mixture of metalaxyl + mancozeb (Vimonyl 72BTN, Mexyl 72WP …) concentration of 2% in combination with binder BDNH 2000 concentration of 1% for the whole shade on infected plots. 10 days, times: 3 times. When the plant is gone, shave it again on sunny days.

– The adjacent plots infected plots need to apply preventive medicine for the whole shade once a month in the rainy season.

– Newly opened shaving, apply the entire shaving. The other shavings, apply the drug on the shaved mouth and bandage 1 – 1.5 cm wide on the regeneration shell close to the shaved mouth. Note carefully mouth money and mouth. As for the money line, post-topical drug stains.

– Note the use of knives with the above drugs to limit the spread of razors.