The application of rubber trees and its importance to the industry


People scraped the rubber tree for pus. Rubber latex leaks through the cuttings on the bark. After that, it coats well, at which point it has no elastic (high) elasticity. Rubber molding for high durability and elasticity is achieved by adding sulfide or carbon powder, silicon oxide and cotton or wool to rubber and heating at high temperatures. People use this type of rubber very widely.

Synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber was produced during World War II. Synthetic rubber is used in industries because of its durability against chemicals. Silicone resins are a recent accomplishment, and they are very resistant to heat and cold.
Some basic rubber sectors

Construction rubber: Rubber against impact, reducer edge, rubber spray ball, rubber blocking vehicle
Rubber Hydropower – Hydroelectric: Rubber seal, Gasket Rubber, Gaskets Rubber P (Garlic)
Rubber industry: Rubber glass door, Rubber carpet, Rubber seal, Heat resistant rubber
Medical Rubber: Rubber Button
And many other applications, please refer to the details on our website
Some common technical rubber products

– Rubber hoses for chemical, petrochemical and food industries.
Steam and saturated steam hose for heating systems with diameters from 9.5 to 60 mm.
– Petrol hose for petrol pumps or specialized petrol vehicles.
– Textile spinning machine, dyeing machine; Rubber rolls; Sanding rubber pump
– Spiral rubber hoses for oil pumps, fish spindles in the food processing industry
– Industrial rubber hose. Rubber hose for construction.
– Rubber cushions: sealing rubber seals, rubber cushions for electronic equipment, industrial cushion cushions, compression cushions, shock absorbers (I, L) …
– High-grade extruded rubber
– Rubber-metal shafts (grinded and grinded) bearing, used in printing equipment, laminating, laminating …
– Jiont rubber pipe, joint rubber and rubber jiont in the parts of automobile parts and motorcycles up to ISO 4633 standards and technical standards of Vietnam.
– Garlic Jiont, cold jiont rubber, joint rubber door safe, windows, joints waterproof, oil resistant, heat resistant, anti-collision, joint seal
– Concrete joints used in centrifugal tubes: trapezium, water splash, triangular tail …
– Anti-vibration rubber pads, anti-vibration for generators, dynamite and other public machinery
– Rubber flooring, oil resistant rubber belts, heat resistant; Reduced rubber
– Rubber feet, rubber feet, metal rubber wheels, high loading wheels, wheel rollers.
– All kinds of rubber expansion joints, steel plate bearings (in the transport sector, road and bridge construction) have quality test certificates for each project.
– All kinds of rubber parts in the drainage, PVC joints
– Rubber parts in various kinds of machinery
– Metal or rubber colored rubber: rubber exposed food, medical rubber and other types of high-tech rubber.