Technique of tapping rubber

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Technique of tapping rubber is the technique to open the shaved mouth after the orientation of the mouth in the plot, use the hook, hook, canal to delineate, rear, mark the trough, the column.

 Use the flag to mark the shaved mouth by standard, then line the line to divide the precious stone. Open the cashew (on the big under the small) to lead the pus.

Design finished, the columns, guttering and drainage 3 steps:

First shave: Standard shaved (shaved).
Second shave: Shave wedge tilting shaving.
+ Thrice 3: Complete shaved (cheek cheek knife) for the correct depth of tapping.

Basic technique of scraping the mouth

a. How to handle a razor

– The mouth is scraped down to a level

Right hand: Hold the knife in the palm of the hand, holding all 5 clusters so that the 3 little finger, ring finger and middle of the hug close to the knife handle, index finger close to the right cheek.

Left: Hold the right side of the hand, holding the five fingers so that the index finger touches the left knife, parallel to the knife body.

– The mouth is higher than the human

Right hand: Holds like a horizontal down.

Left: Place the knife body in the palm of your hand, put your finger on the knife edge, slightly curved fingers.

b. Stand up and move

– Medium and high shaving mouth

Standing between the tree trunk and a view of the rear, two legs placed parallel to each other before the left foot, right foot behind. Place the knife in the back mouth, take the back corner then the left foot fluid from the right foot at the same time pull the razor in the footsteps to the corner money, take the money by raising two hands at the same time.

– Mouth in low position (bent)

Movement backward with the upper position, left foot left foot forward to the right foot forward, stoop to the knife to move smoothly, not shaved.

Basic technique of reverse scraping

At present, reverse shave regimens are widely applied in our country and rubber growing countries around the world. This shade is applied to shrubs with age of 11 years or more (or some gardens). not done shave). Depending on the shaving condition, shaving mouths are different. Shaving & shaving rates for controlled gravity, shaved mouth slope (controlled shaving and uncontrolled shaving)

– Characteristics of reverse shear garden:

+ Scraped finish regenerated
+ Over 10 years of shaved face
Shaved face has symptoms of pus
+ Shaved surface too shaved (Outraged, U too &
+ Replanting too thin &

a. How to hold a knife

Handle the knife in the shave down, note the knife edge is shaved, using chip force, shavings as long shaved, lifting hand to remove chips to avoid pouring out of the pile.

b. Move position

Left foot step inside, right leg round out, must step foot, then we have enough force push the knife to the rear.