Latex stimulation technique


Latex stimulation technique is the use of stimulants increasingly widely used. Over the years the use of stimulants has shown that the plants are not affected by the yield if used correctly as recommended below.

This technique will only use stimulants for shade gardens d3, d4 and orchard prepared for re-liquidation. Do not use shampoo d1 or d2.

1. Type of stimulant and concentration of use

The latex-based chemical used is ethephon (2-chloroethyl phosphonic acid).

The active ingredient concentration was 2.5% a.i for group I and II plants; 5% a.i. For group III orchards and shade gardens before the liquidation.

2. Seasonal application of latex stimulation, time of application

In the South East and the Central Highlands, apply stimulants in May, June, July, October, November, and December. Apply the next shaving condition 24 hours – 48 hours. Do not apply when the tree is wet or it is going to rain. Absolutely not used in dry season, fall season.

3. Method of applying latex stimulant

Pa: Panel application: After stirring the stimulant, use a small brush to apply a 1 cm wide band, evenly thin on the regeneration shell adjacent to the shaving mouth. This method applies to the shaved mouth.

La: Lace application: After stirring the stimulant, use a small brush to apply a thin layer evenly over the shaving mouth. This method applies to the mouth shaved face.

4. Stimulants

A number of 8 brushes have a width of 0.8 cm.

1 box of stimulant with clear concentration.

5. Dosage, use of stimulant

Trees have shaved age from 1 to 5, 0.5 to 1 gram / tree / time by Pa method.

Trees have shaved age from 6 to 10, applied from 0.75 to 1.5 grams / tree / time by Pa method. Trees with shade of over 10, applied from 1 – 2 grams / tree / time by Pa method; from 0.75 to 2 g / tree / time under the La method.

The distance between the two application is at least 3 weeks.

6. Standard trees used stimulants

Application of stimulants for normal growth plants, good shaving technique. Do not use stimulants for plants with pink fungus to top up, severe ulcer disease, leaf loss due to leaf defects in the rainy season, signs of drying of the mouths or too small trees.

7. Tree nursery uses latex stimulants

If the dry rubber content (DRC) of the orchard is less than 25%, do not use stimulants.

If the rate of dry shaved mouths is higher than the previous inventory at the following rate, do not use stimulant: Shaving year 1 – 10:> 3% Year shaving 10 -20:> 10%.

8. Occupational safety when using stimulants

Avoid sticky substances on skin, eyes. In case of skin irritation, wash immediately with soap and warm water. If eye irritation develops, wash eyes thoroughly with clean water.

After use, the packaging must be discarded, not reused.

When using a high-shave mouthpiece, wear protective goggles to prevent eye drops.

9. Preserving substances when not in use

Stimulants must always be kept cool, away from direct sunlight. Complies with the expiry date stated on the package.