Increase the rubber productivity by D4 tapping method


This summer we launched a series of experiments on “economic and technical efficiency in low-tempo D4 application at the back of the shave” which shows that average individual productivity as well as productivity increased by 11 – 19%.

D4 rubbing increases labor productivity by 11 – 19%.

According to news from the world rubber magazine. In a workshop on agricultural production held on 25/5/2018, the Department of Agricultural Engineering of caosuinfo JSC presented two experiments on “Economic Efficiency in Applied Pace low D4 in the tapered mouth “in Group I rubber trees from 2017 to 2018.

In experiment 1, the results obtained during one year of follow-up, the average D4 shaking treatments stimulated with frequency 2-4 times per year showed individual productivity as well as labor productivity increased from 11 to 19 %. Population productivity of kg / ha / year was 83 – 89% compared with control of D3 shedding process. The dry rubber content of D4 shavings excreted 2-4 times per year is still high, the dry shear rate in the first year of exploitation is very low.

For Experiment 2: When decreasing the rate of shaving combined with stimulation for increased individual productivity. On average, D4 shavings have an individual yield as well as a higher labor productivity than D3 shavings of 18%. Population productivity of D4 was 88.1% compared to D3. On average, the dry rubber content of the D4 rinsing treatments was higher than the D3 rinsing treatments. The dryness rates of both D3 and D4 rats were low.

Caosuinfo Joint Stock Company has been operating for more than 30 years and is one of the leading rubber companies. Its gross profit for the first three months of this year is VND 39.2 billion, down 25% over the same period last year. . Of which, March was the main contributor to profit in the first 3 months of the year with 30.9 billion dong.

Average selling price of rubber was 33.5 million VND / ton, down 29% over the same period. The export turnover of rubber in USD only reached $ 2.5 million, down 39% over the first 3 months of 2014.

CAOSUINFO Joint Stock Company is now covers an area of over 10,000 hectares of rubber, with nearly 8,000 hectares of gardens are under exploitation. Research and development to improve rubber productivity is one of the issues that Dong Phu Rubber is most interested in today.